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potc_art's Journal

PotC Art
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome everyone to potc_art! This is a community where anyone and everyone can share their fanart of this lovely movie here!

There are some rules to be had. I made a little...posty thing that everyone should use while posting...(much like the one used in ~hpart)

LJ-cut or link:

Very easy to follow. There really isnt anything you CANT post. So that would be all. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE No one likes getting put down if they didnt draw a hand right. I know I dont.

Maintainer: silver_rocket
If you need any questions asked ask me at mars_landing@hotmail.com

Im looking for other moderators to help me on this quest...whatever quest this may be...so if you'd like to be a moderator Ill accept the first two people who email me :] first come first serve, yup. thanks!

Everyone is accepted and allowed to post whatever art they'd like to share. So have fun.